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Part 1 : TO PREPARE TO WIN: Thoughts

Thought is not a word, but it is a very powerful tool in our minds.Practice mind is different, and each situation is unique. In a match situation, all emotions arise: happiness, sadness, fear, tension, decision, thought process, will power, goals, dreams, people are watching, theory differs from reality.

Thought - body connection:

Our thoughts have a much greater impact on our bodies than we realise. Actually, there is a part of our thinking that affects our bodies without our knowledge.

You will notice that it begins to move in the direction you have imagined without your awareness. This is how our thoughts influence our bodies without our knowledge.

Consider how this affects a game like tennis, where one degree of racquet face change results in a 40cm difference on the other side of the court.

Thought – body connection when we ARE aware of it ::

Every tennis player has likely experienced a "tennis arm," in which our arms and legs feel heavy and constricted due to tension in our bodies. This results from our preoccupation with the unfavourable effects of a forthcoming game or circumstance.

Naturally, this tension is brought on by unfavourable feelings like fear and doubt, but its roots lie in our thoughts.

Thought-emotion connection: non-existent. We are human beings, and emotions are a part of life.

Try this: recall a painful memory and keep it in your mind for 20-30 seconds. What are your thoughts? Probably not a good idea.

Now recall or imagine a happy and joyful moment for 20-30 seconds. How do you feel right now? I'm guessing it's very good.

Hopefully, you now understand how our thoughts can influence our emotions.

Consider how your tennis game would look if you were experiencing negative emotions. Your choices are poor, and your body energy levels are either too high or too low. More on the subject of arousal control.

A player who is not aware of his thoughts simply follows them, and they frequently lead him into a negative mindset

The goal is for him to become aware of his negative thinking and either change it into a constructive and solution-based positive thinking or simply empty his mind. This is accomplished through the use of various tennis inner game techniques.

Thought awareness is critical for peak athletic performance. Even when we are not as vigilant about our thinking, we can live a good and satisfying life. However, if we want to reach the pinnacle of any sport, the top performers are separated by only milimetres or hundredths of a second. These minor variations can be caused by negative or incorrect thinking.

The majority of amateur advice on positive thinking is sound and effective. However, if you want to be a top tennis player, you must become increasingly aware of your thoughts and be able to choose what you think.

You must choose thoughts that will help you achieve your goal, and it is sometimes even better to remove your mind from the game.

That's when you get into the zone, when your best abilities shine through and you play your best tennis. There are no distracting thoughts, and your game flows naturally. And this is the ultimate goal of thought control: no thought at all.




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