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Lawn tennis lesson for beginners part 3 warmup, feeding drills

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Some of the children, players, and adults there are unable to properly wash their hands before playing tennis. Why do we wash our hands before eating food? If there is any bacteria present, it is destroyed.similar to tennis The warmup is important tennis. It's preparing your body to exercise. A "warmup" may help reduce the risk of injury and soreness 

When you increase your muscle temperature, you're helping ensure that your body can move in certain ways and perform certain activities without causing too much strain. As your muscle temperature increases, you're helping your muscles adapt to performing while under stress and the oxygen requirements that come from performing certain activities.

After tennis, 95% of adults and children are unable to cool down, which is critical for any sport. This reduces dizziness and muscle cramps while slowing your breathing and heart rate gradually.


Human beings must deal with all emotions, including fear, happiness, sadness, and jealousy couldn't escape from emotions Similar to tennis, there are many strokes that every player must learn. Shots can be classified based on when they are hit serve, groundstroke, volley, half volley, smash, forehand, backhand, flat, side spin, block, slice, topspin shot,lob, passing shot, dropshot, cross-court shot, down-the-line shot.The player will use these weapons and various tactics during the game.

In education, learning is critical. It is impossible to read and write without learning, so Practice, like in sports, is essential for improved performance. Pre-primary education is the first step in education. Tennis Begin with hand feeding and racket feeding drills. Tennis coaching includes feeding drills; without feeding, it is impossible to learn the game. Coach assigns different drills to each player. Tennis coaching includes feeding drills; learning the game is impossible without feeding. Each player is given a different drill by the coach. Feeding drills address all errors, such as racket position, swing, footwork, fitness, number of balls hit, and so on.



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