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Lawn tennis lesson for beginners Tennis grip part 2

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Many people enjoy playing sports for fitness, such as cricket and badminton, as a hobby, but few adults learn. Without instruction. It has made some errors, resulting in injuries. Tennis requires the use of a racket.

Tennis grips :

Beginners and coaches should be aware of the grip. Grip is crucial, and a proper grip is required to hit the ball, and not having a proper grip can result in injury.

Tennis players must be aware of their grip.

Continental grip :

Tennis serves are important for using a continental grip. The continental grip is appropriate for a wide range of shots. With a dominant left arm, the continental grip can be used for a two-handed backhand. The neutral grip, also known as the hammer grip. Tennis serves, volleys, overhead smashes, slice/chips, drop shots, blocking, and defensive scrambling are all examples. The Continental grip is versatile and allows players to easily switch between forehand and backhand shots.


Eastern Grip:

The eastern forehand grip is a great grip for most players. Most players find this grip to feel very natural, which is the main factor in coaches favouring it.

Most players, especially beginners who are picking up a racket for the first time, will feel very at ease and natural using this grip. Because of this, the majority of tennis instructors begin by teaching the Eastern forehand grip before moving on to other grips.

The modern game features a lot of topspin, but there are still times when you need to hit a flat ball, and the eastern can help you with that.The Eastern forehand grip is best suited for flatter groundstrokes

Semi western grip:

The semi-western tennis grip may at first seem awkward to many newcomers. Because it strikes a good balance between effortless topspin and maintaining the ability to hit through the ball, the Semi-Western grip is very well-liked. Modern tennis players frequently use the semi-western tennis grip to produce topspin shots. The higher bounce of the ball on clay courts makes it possible for players to fully utilise the additional spin with this grip. Faster surfaces, like grass or indoor hard courts, where the ball tends to skid more and the added spin can make the ball fly long, can make it more challenging to use the semi-western grip. The semi-western grip may also be uncomfortable for some players.The semi-western grip may also cause some players' wrist and arms more stress, making it harder for them to control their shots. Injury risk can be reduced with the use of proper form and technique.

Western grip:

the Western grip, which involves placing the palm under the racket, produces even more powerful topspin shots.

Players can produce more topspin on their shots by using the Western grip, which makes it simpler to brush up the back of the ball at impact.

What might be small adjustments with an Eastern or Semi-Western grip become larger adjustments with a Western grip because the Western grip doesn't always work well on those other shots.

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