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Lawn tennis lesson for beginners part 1

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Tennis is a popular sport in the Western world, but cricket is popular in India. The issue is that tennis is an expensive sport. Some people want to play tennis but have no prior experience. This is for them.

Lawn tennis is the original name for tennis.

Tennis is an outdoor sport.

Tennis, particularly singles, is a fitness sport. high consumption of fitness

Increasing aerobic capacity

Increasing response time


Tennis requires the following equipment: flat shoes, a net, a racket, and a ball.

There are three levels of play in tennis.

1st basic level: learning four hands, backhand, serve, smash, and volley.

2 Intermediate level: learning rallies, adding fitness 

3 Advanced level: serious playing, match practice, and extreme fitness

Tennis is unique. Scoring Example: Normal sports scores begin 1+1, but tennis scoring differs in that one point must be crossed to win. Love (Zero)15, 30, 40 = 6 points in total.

Tennis is a four-point game in which a two-point lead is required to win.

Is there a tiebreak? If the score is 6-6, the set game is decided.

Grand slam tournaments have three sets of the game for men and two sets for women. Expect a men's grand slam tournament: The men must win three sets, while the women must win two.

Each set contains six games.

Two (single match) and four ( doubles match) Players on the opposing side

There are several different types of shots in tennis, including the four-hand, backhand, service, volley, smash, rally, slice, drop shot, ace, and topspin.

Three types of tennis court

1 grasscourt

2 Hardcourt 

3. Clay court 

Each court has a unique experience. Though the measurements are the same 

Each year, there are 4 major Grand Slam competitions.

1. A synthetic surface is used for the Australian Open tournament.

2: Roland begins the competition on a clay court.

3. Wimbledon is being held on a grass court.

4: US Open Acrylic hard court

the tennis ball is fairly secure.🎾

Before beginning tennis racket is very important:

Branded rackets : Prince, Yonex, Babolat, Head, Wilson, and

Age Size of Racket

Age under 4 : 17 to 19 inches

Under 6 years old: 19 to 21 inches

Under 9 years old: 21 to 23 inches

Age under 12: 23 to 25 inches

Ages 12 and older : 25 to 27 inches

The tennis court is shaped like a rectangle. Net height is 3 feet and 78 inches long, 36 inches wide, 27 inches deep, and 36 inches deep.

Tennis association names :

AITA: All India tennis association 

ITFinternational tennis Federation  WTA: women's tennis association 

ATP Association of tennis professional 

A player wants player start a tournament the registration aita ➡️ ITF ➡️ ATP (MENS) instead of ATP for women ( WTA)                                     

To BE Continue


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